Sunday, 23 November 2014

Have a Motown & Soul Christmas, ya filthy animals!

So it's almost Christmas—if you didn't already know. Which fills me with excitement and dread, but mostly excitement so I won't go too far into it.

This time of the year means one thing for any designer, everyone asks for their posters to look 'Christmassy' which will almost always entail a colour scheme of Red & Green and lots of white specks dotted around the image.

But this poster, although it embodies all those terrifying traits was in fact a lovely poster to do. This was because the client actually knew a style they wanted and it wasn't strictly just the idea of Christmas.

This was the inspiration I was given from the DJ for Motown & Soul, and to be honest, as simple as it is—I really like it. I really had to make this fit the style I had created from the previous posters and without breaking any copyright laws; it was difficult but I feel it went rather well!

If looks closely you can spot Michael Jackson, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, The Supremes and those lovely ladies of who's name I cannot remember.

So there isn't all that much more I can say, but I hope you like the poster. Because it's going to be in and around Carlisle, in your face, very very soon. You have been warned.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Shiny Silver, Shiny Sloth's of Silver


It's been a while since I've posted—so I thought I'd treat you to a bit of craziness and cuteness that I've been working on recently. Which of course includes a sloth.

I was approached by talented all rounder Emma Whitaker for a new logo as I had already helped her with one of her projects before. She originally wanted to re brand herself to "Silver Linings Productions" but she was informed that it was already taken by a large company. So after a small amount of brainstorming we got to the idea that she loved Sloth's and still wanted a similar name—thus spawns the title "Silver Sloth Productions".

I started by making a Pinterest board for both of us to throw ideas on to, which began to include a range of logos, modern branding and strangely enough; sloth related jewellery. And although this had very little to do with a logo, it was made from silver and helped with main construction and shape of the logo.

So I started sketching and throwing around ideas, which eventually lead to me trying to create the logo with circles only (as I had seen a few people create logo's that way before).
But after a while of trying and testing, I found that it really didn't work for what she wanted and it was also a process that I haven't quite mastered. And that is when I got sent this great drawing.
I mean she is honestly an up-and-coming J.M.W Turner.

So after a prolonged chat through Facebook we decided that it should be similar to that style but still follow the idea of the circle shape, which quite quickly progressed into an almost finished idea.

I'm pretty happy with this, and I think it makes a cool logo. I also really like the versions and alterations I made to allow Emma to get some stickers printed that I will get posted on here as soon as I get on.
Thank you for the offer and chance Emma, and I hope to see this Sticker Slapped everywhere.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

A first attempt at Letterpress!

So only yesterday, I had my first experience of making Typography via the method of Letterpress.
I honestly think I didn't do it as you would imagine—locking full paragraphs into cast iron frames.
I actually just printed a small quote using on of my favourite fonts in 48pt.

So after scouring around in the wooden plainchests I came across a draw with no label (as the others all had one) and it simple read "Futura" in half-faded pencil. I almost screamed, I really didn't think there would be many sets of Futura kicking around so I instantly looked for all the letters I needed.

The only problem with my Universities letterpress studio is that it's so poorly funded (if at all) that it has many missing letters and glphs, but luckily for me this set of 48pt Futura had most of it's set.

The final words of JMW Turner

I went with something very simple and only four words long; the last words of my favourite artist JMW Turner. Although this is very simple, I rather like it and as I was using one of my favourite fonts, to make a quote from one of my favourite artist; so I though I'll make an enigmatic statement with my two favourite glyphs.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Is there anything that the Swiss don't do well?

I feel the title will of already of given you a good guess, so I won't waffle on to you.
I have recently just finished a poster for an Alternate and Indie night at The Brickyard; featuring only local bands.

I got offered the poster, and I was at the time just having a look at some of my favourite Swiss Design, which was the remake of the "Gang of Four" poster.
I am quite passionate about Swiss Design, but I feel it's only really useful in some occasions, and has been so painfully overused that referencing it often just falls short of aspirations; of which I'm hoping this isn't.

There isn't much I can say other than—it looks pretty and has enough Helvetica to feed a family of Typographers for weeks.

Get yourselves there.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

What I'm working on: Christmas OVERKILL Edition!

At the moment, I'm working on a tonne of things but I thought I'd let you lovely people know of a few, seeing as I haven't posted much all that recently.

Most recently I've been working on creating my website—this is a project set by the university but I'm going a tad overboard with it and started building it when it should really still be in the design stage, and it should be finished for the holidays. So as I'm doing that I though I'd share a few little snapshots.

Whilst doing this I have a few other things as well; I am working on creating a Christmas Panto poster for a local acting group, of which I'm likely to be making a large cardboard set and taking images in a stop motion style. (because clearly I can't have an animated poster) (but I would if I could)

I am also working with a class mate to set up a Christmas Zine & Print Fayre for members of the Grillust studio to sell and buy each others wares as they choose; it's also a constructive excuse to pocket some money and get intoxicated in the process. So yeah, sounding quite fun!
I'll post more info closer to the time, but look out for Grillustmas!

I am also making another Christmas poster—but this time for The Brickyard. I am continuing making the Motown & Soul night posters, but this time I get to make a Christmas one, so of course it's going to be cheesy as hell!

And as a final note, I've just finished a Swiss Design stlye Indie night poster and helped make one hella cute logo for a friend; so they'll be posted up soon!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Bad Manners, very poor manners indeed.

Recently, I have been working on a poster for the overly large, and large tongued band that is Bad Manners. And now I've been Ska'd for life. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha—I should be a comedian.
Anyway, It's been loads of fun designing this poster, and learning a bit more about the influences of Ska and the design style that came along with the genre.

As I already knew, Ska and Punk are quite closely linked—although I'm not completely sure why, so I decided the best way to tackle the poster was to work from what I already knew, so I made a hybrid of the two.

Once I had got a style and look, that I was happy with for the main structure of the image, I decided I would start by making the poster information almost exclusively out of sharpie markers and tippex; because there is nothing more punk than abusing office supplies. 

And then, I attacked it with a photocopier, like every good punk designer. And whilst operating the scanner, my good friend Nathan popped over to encourage me to mess with the settings and see what came out. After a short while I began making them into two-colour scans, which made some strange results—which were great but not suiting at all.

After all this, I looked at it and thought; "it's just too rough." What I wanted to get across is that the poster was made with bad manners, so I drew on his face and wrote over him as if there were to be little respect for him. But I felt the pens just made it too rough, that it didn't have the right impact; so once again I made a hybrid. This time of digital and manual construction and editing.

So this was the outcome, which I hope conveys that I made with poor manners, but also a respect for the culture and genre of the band, which had to of course include Buster Bloodvessle and his enormous tongue. So if anyone is thinking of going, I'll see you there as I'm planning on rocking out with my parents for one of the oddest Christmas holidays I've ever had.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Layouts a lá Finito

Honestly, I have no idea of what I wrote for the title. But I have finished my layouts project, which included photography and constant rules and grids in what seems like endless amounts of InDesign hell. Well it's not really hell, but my goodness, it's like a whole new world of structure and confusion.

All 36 in lovely un-viewable thumbnails

We started by being set a photography project, with some strict rules, set in groups of four. We had to have all four of us in every photo and each member in the group had a separate rule to stick to; mine was that we were not to include any faces. We were set to get 36 photos minimum, of which I got all mine in monochrome because I felt it was just a much nicer aesthetic and made it a little more challenging for me. As sometimes photography like this is tediously boring.

Once we had our images, we were then to use them to make layouts based on the ones we previously made from magazine cut outs—which was sort of the previous project but linked into this one.

I don't feel that I recreated some of the layouts to the same effect, but as a whole, I realise I am quite weak at editorial design and the things I created satisfied me and looked quite different from conventional layouts.

I got an alright grade, and I may just work back into them to make a stronger outcome, but whether I'll have the time or not is the question. We'll see children, we'll see!

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